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Sisterhood – Time to remember

I don’t generally share details of ceremonies or gridwork because it’s something very precious to me. It’s part of my sacred service here on Gaia and I do it when and where my soul calls me to.That said, today I would like to honour my sister Rebeca Clavero who represents all of my sisters. During the last year we barely saw each other because of lockdown restrictions but during the week running up to the Equinox we were brought together everyday to help anchor codes. We were aware that we were working with our own inner feminine and masculine wounds in relation to miss-use of our sexual energy. Remember, this energy is our creative life force yet both men and women have misunderstood how to work with this sacred energy over time.

We hold pain, trauma, shame, guilt, fear and jealousy. We store those emotions in our lower chakras. Today I’d like to share a message I received whilst working on clearing this from my system: ‘Remind everyone that it’s ok to feel all of these emotions. Let go of the judgement. In honouring that you’ve been tapped into a distorted field you empower yourself to choose to release yourself from it. Talk about the sister wound Emer’. So here I am… The sister wound… It’s not important today to try and figure out where this wound came from. All women at some point in their life have tapped into it. Let’s be honest about it and release the guilt surrounding it. We’ve all felt belittled, felt jealousy, felt inadequate, compared ourselves to others, felt unsafe and felt hurt. We’ve all acted on these emotions and have been the recipient to someone else projecting their wound onto us. It’s not your fault, it’s not their fault. It’s how we cope with pain. The solution is to acknowledge that we hold these programmes within us. We then begin to observe our thoughts and behaviours. Am I comparing myself to another? Do I feel inadequate? Is that truth or is it a thought or behaviour I’ve learned over time that I can now choose to override? Release the guilt, the shame. Breathe deep, remind yourself that it’s your choice to honour yourself and honour your sister.

Remember we are all uniquely beautiful and there’s really no need to compare. If you haven’t found your inner beauty yet, that’s ok. Hold the knowing that if you keep observing yourself and choose loving thoughts that one day soon you will change your perception. Today I had the honour of connecting with my sister. I observed trust and deep reverence for each other. We allowed ourselves to be vulnerable, to completely surrender to bare all of our wounds so that we could transform them with love. We remembered our true nature. We felt the purity as the Shekinah worked through us dissolving all illusions. I share these photos today to celebrate sisterhood. To celebrate the strength we have when we truly see each other through the eyes of our divinity, not what we have been taught to believe. I hold the vision that we will all rise up to be real, raw, honest and vulnerable. To heal our wounds so we can step up and lead the way to help others reclaim their innate power. The power of love, not the love of power. This Magdalene womb blessing was so sacred to me. Let us all remember the power of our wombs. When we remember this connection and we release all our fears we become powerful creators. Let’s lift each other up instead of pulling each other down. There’s room for everyone to shine. It’s safe to be in sisterhood again. We’ve been called to remember this.

Much love, Emer ❤️🌹❤️

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