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Revive: Womb Awakening through Movement

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New Online Course will start the 31/03/22

Revive: 6 Week Online Program

My own journey with strengthening the connection with my womb has brought me to places that are difficult to put in words. The deeper I go, the more I begin to appreciate the power of our wombs on so many levels. I see how my dedication to working with her has helped me to feel:

  • More in tune with my body & it’s natural rhythm
  • Little to no discomfort during my moon time
  • Much more stability in my mood & my emotions
  • More energised
  • Clarity in my decision making
  • More passion & motivation to create
  • Heightened sensuality & pleasure
  • Prosperity & abundance
  • A deeper connection to my family & ancestors
  • An awakening of the Divine Feminine & Masculine codes carried within
Revive Womb Awakening

Working with your womb wisdom is a spiralling journey that will continue & deepen over time. The initial connection can bring up trauma & pain to be witnessed & healed. It’s not always easy…but holding on to that which keeps us disconnected from our feminine wisdom and keeps us feeling numb, stuck, angry, & lonely in my view is far more painful.

It has brought me so much joy, expansion & healing & I’m incredibly passionate to share how I work to maintain my relationship with my womb.Each gathering will be 1 hr of movement & restoration (Recorded with lifetime access).

I will share yoga & dance movements that are specifically for women to help our physical & energetic womb. We will use mudras & breathwork to connect & begin our journey of mindfully working with this powerful energy centre & portal.

I’d like to thank all of my clients & friends who have been the main motivation behind this offering. Each lady who has asked me ‘why does my womb tingle when I sit next to you?’ or ‘why do I feel like my womb is trying to speak?’
I listened, let’s explore together. Are you ready?

Much love,

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