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Rebirth: A journey home to your heart

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Women have always fascinated me. As a child I observed different women in my environment. I loved their beauty, their smiles, their kind words and the childlike glisten in their eyes. I also noticed not every woman’s eyes would shine brightly. Some dipped their heads low and avoided eye contact. As an empath I would feel those women’s pain and it saddened me.

Growing up I remember looking for role models that mirrored the strong, kind women portrayed in films and cartoons. The more I looked, the more I realised that there was a pain behind most smiles. With the rise of the Divine Feminine and the remembrance of women’s innate beauty, power, passion, compassion, kindness and feminine hearts we are being asked more and more to look inside and find all of the wounds, pain and programmes that keep us from fully stepping into our authentic power

The power of the Feminine heart fully awakened. I have had the honour of working with women over the last 3 years, in private sessions, small groups and in facilitating ceremonies, workshops and retreats. I’m now being asked to step up and to dedicate myself to this path leaving behind my career as a primary school teacher. I’ll take everything I’ve learned in the last 20 years teaching children and use it now as I am guided to facilitate women. Over the last year I have trained as a priestess of Mary Magdalene. This year brought me many gifts, but one of which I cherish the most is the remembrance of my Rose Lineage. I received numerous visions of different lifetimes serving the Goddess and all of her daughters on this planet. During one of my visions I saw Mother Mary performing a rite of passage with young girls in present day Glastonbury.

I felt as though I was there with her. I got so emotional as I remembered how important it was to honour our daughters and celebrate this transition from Child to Maiden. Mother Mary spoke to me and asked me to remember these rites. She showed me how this was celebrated. Equally as important are the transitions into Motherhood (whether or not you have children) and into our Wisdom years. I was shown a journey and I was asked if I was ready to guide a group of women through this transformation. It will take 88 days beginning on the Taurus New Moon 11th of May and end on the 7th of August. Mother Mary simply called it ‘Rebirth’. I will close this journey on the powerful 8/8 portal with a ceremony where each woman reclaims their birth rite to step fully into their authentic feminine power. This journey will be guided by Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, The Goddess Sarah, Mother Anna & Yeshua.

I will be creating a safe, loving, nurturing yet powerful container where you will work through huge transformation on an individual level yet alongside your 12 sisters. This work will go deep and there will be a level of personal commitment and bravery needed to go within to free yourself from your limiting beliefs and past experiences. You will empower yourself to rewrite your own story and free yourself from what has kept you feeling stuck or unworthy of love and happiness. You will reclaim your freedom- finding your own truth and your sovereignty.

🌹 I will be using light language during guided journeys and meditations to help assist you to release deep trauma and reprogram patterns at a cellular level.

🌹We will use dance, movement mediations, and mudras to help us connect with our bodies.
🌹We will journal to connect with our inner voice.
🌹We will learn the art of speaking and listening in sacred circle with our sisters.
🌹We will learn how to heal our relationship with our Mothers, our Fathers, our inner Child, our Maiden, and our inner Crone (our wise women).
🌹We will celebrate our wombs (whether present or not) as our portal of creativity and connection to ourselves and to the cosmic womb of all creation.
🌹 I will perform a Magdalene Womb blessing for each woman. This is a channeled blessing that I have seen being performed in many lifetimes. 

I am incredibly excited to meet those who are ready to embark on this journey with me. I promise to honour you, to keep it as light as possible, to bring fun and enjoyment into our time together.

This journey is called ‘Rebirth’ …

…because you will release the old you to be reborn a new. This is not to be feared, it is to be celebrated and that is exactly what we will do together! We begin on the New Moon in Taurus Tuesday 11th of May and we will end Saturday 8/8 for Lions Gate.

There will be 13 live calls together. If you feel called to go on this transformational journey you can reach out to me via messenger and I will be more than happy to answer any questions and give more details.

Much Love,
I’m so excited


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