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Pisces Solar Portal

Over the past 4 week’s as we moved through the Pisces Solar Portal  you may have become aware of addictive patterns, behaviours or actions becoming increasingly more obvious to you. When I use the word addiction, its not only the use of ‘something’ that’s not beneficial to us, it also includes behaviours or thought patterns that keep us feeling stuck in fear, guilt, shame or self-loathing.

These will of course be individual to each of us. There’s a reason why these behaviours become louder at certain times, mainly because energetically it’s a favourable time to release them. We are in the equinox window now where we begin a new astrological year and it’s a perfect time to rewrite our personal scripts and bring more balance and harmony into our lives. So how might one go about doing that?

Firstly, observe yourself. Be your biggest fan but try to do it through the lense of compassion and from a place of nuetrality. What self talk am I using? Am I judging myself or others? Is my internal voice limiting or expansive? Choose to accept where you are knowing that it is 100% in your power to choose another way of thinking, behaving & being. Realise it’s not your fault you may act or feel this way. Most people are completely unaware of why they continue to repeat certain patterns or how they began in the first place. RELEASE THE GUILT.

Trust that every single experience is your friend as it helps you to see from a perspective that is not favourable so you can then empower yourself to make higher choices, thoughts or behaviours. Choose another way. A lot of people try ‘to get rid’ of toxic behaviours, thoughts or feelings without first acknowledging and honouring all that they teach us.

Once you accept it’s there, let yourself feel it. If we try and just ‘make it go away’ without really feeling what it’s teaching us we are just bypassing and we will most likely get stuck in the loop. Honour your feelings. If you need to cry, get angry or scream let yourself feel it trying your best to hold compassion for yourself throughout the process.

Connect to your breath. Slowly feel your breath, this is your divine connection. It’s like your umbilical cord that connects us to source. It’s also one of the most potent tools to transmute denser energy (beliefs and behaviours are energy) into light. Repeat whatever works for you, i.e.”I’m aware I am feeling guilt in relation to not being good enough.

I now acknowledge that this belief no longer serves me. I am now ready to see myself as perfect, whole and beautiful. I’ve been tapped into a false belief. I honour myself and all the experiences that make me who I’ve become. I’m here to be the highest version of me. This means I release all programmes, beliefs, behaviours that no longer serve me. I’m now ready to see myself as perfect”.Recognise if the ego mind tries to override you. Just notice it and smile.

The ego doesn’t always like change but you can reassure it that you are safe to make higher choices. Use your breath slowly to breathe into every cell in your body. Imagine it dissolving all of these heavy thoughts into light. Thank yourself for being brave enough to see, honour and feel the parts of you that are not always fun to embrace. Each time we cradle ourselves through this process we reclaim our power and our true essence. In releasing the old we make room for allowing more love into our lives.

Isn’t that what we came here for? To break free and be love in every aspect?

The power truly is ours.
Let’s reclaim the wounded aspects of us and nurture ourselves as we embrace ALL of who we ‘think’ we are as we bravely dive deep to find who we ‘truly’ are…… A divine creator. 🌹May we choose words, thoughts and actions that create beauty not destruction. We ARE the change, it happens within and it radiates out impacting near and far. I wish you all a blessed Equinox.

Emer ❤️🌹❤️

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