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Remember Online

New Course – Remember (Online)

8 week Online Journey- Weekly Live Calls (recorded) Tuesday 8pm- 9.30pm (Ireland & UK time) 

Begins: Tuesday November 1st – Tuesday December 20th (’22)

Samhain 2022

Ritual to connect with our Ancestors
Welcome the Celtic new Year

Samhain Celebration will be an evening of coming together to remember the ancient traditions of honouring our ancestors & loved ones who have passed away in a safe & nurturing environment. We will learn about how to align with the energy of Samhain,  honour our loved ones who have passed & enjoy healing meditations to connect with our ancestors & guides.

Other Courses

New Course – Remember 

8 Week Meditation & Spiritual Development Course  


Womb Awakening through Movement
6 Week Online course

My own journey with strengthening the connection with my womb has brought me to places that are difficult to put in words. The deeper I go, the more I begin to appreciate the power of our wombs on so many levels. Working with your womb wisdom is a spiralling journey that will continue & deepen over time. The initial connection can bring up trauma & pain to be witnessed & healed. It’s not always easy.


Release your fears, find your voice and welcome joy

A 12 week soul expansion program for women who’ve done a lot of inner healing work, know that they’re called to lead and are ready to reclaim their soul wisdom so they can step into their calling. Together, we identify and liberate the blocks within women’s belief systems that still keep them ‘on the fence’so they can follow inner guidance and find their own sense of authentic leadership. I think of this as their own personal mystery school for their soul’s wisdom.

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