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Magdalene Experience

Magdalene experience

Sisters of the Rose

The very first time I heard the term ‘Sisters of the Rose’ my heart nearly exploded. It awakened something truly ancient within me & it lit a fire so untameable that ever since I have dedicated myself to deepening this relationship with the Magdalene & sharing this blessing with others who feel called to experience & remember their own unique connection.

Since a very young child I have been guided by Mother Mary. My first contact with Mary Magdalene was on her feast day July 22nd in 2019. I didn’t understand at the time how much that encounter would impact on every aspect of my life.

Mary Magdalene

She walks with me as I come face to face with my deepest fears, my greatest experience of love and expansion & everything in between.
Her guidance has helped me to align with many aspects of my soul, my multidimensionality and yet her biggest gift has been helping me to connect with The Earth & my own physical body. She taught me how to awaken my Kundalini and reminded me how to dance with the serpent & the dragon energy within. She reminded me about the power of our wombs & just how much our lives change when we align our womb energy, our heart energy with the power of our minds.

Last summer Mary Magdalene began preparing me by asking me to unite women at beach gatherings under the new moon & full moon. I loved each & every one of those circles & I did not stop throughout the winter. A group of amazing women have continued to sit with me in circle, and together we laugh, cry, sing, dance & learn to love ourselves even deeper by the day.

She asked me to travel & bring ‘The Magdalene Experience’ near & far. Since last Summer I’ve been working on this. I had so many questions & my head got in the way more than once. With each level of doubt came greater clarity & now I am ready to begin offering this In-person retreat.

Those who feel called to connect with this offering will feel it deep within.
I have been shown that I will begin in Wexford, Meath, Cork, Northern Ireland & Galway.

Do you feel the call to join?

If you would like to participate in this one day event please register your interest & I will keep you updated on dates & venues. I’ve been asked to keep each group small so numbers will be limited at each venue. Part of this work will be connecting with the land so we will most likely be based close to sacred sites that I have been guided to.

I am currently looking at venues & closing in on dates but these offerings will begin in May & continue through to September.

Contact me if you would like to join & let us anchor the Magdalene Flame deep within us & continue to awaken these codes throughout the dragon lines of Gaia.

In love & devotion,

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