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Light Language – my understanding of what it is & how it can assist us on our spiritual journey

Light Language

Light Language

I’d love to thank Ana Otero , Krishna Rose and everyone who joined us on Friday for the beautiful Shabbat gathering. I’ve received some questions in the recent days in relation to Light Language so I felt very guided to share my understanding in a video for those who might like to learn a little more about this. 

I was also encouraged to set up a YouTube channel so I could begin sharing my teachings, guidance, meditations and light language to assist as best I can. 

It feels like it’s a perfect time to begin a new channel whilst we are still in this potent New Moon in Pisces energy. I hope the content I upload there will help you as we all walk this journey of ascension together. 

I already have many many videos that would like to come through, now I just need to sit and record. 🤣 Tonight I will record a new transmission to support our emotional bodies ❤️ Please feel free to write to me and make suggestions of what would be helpful for you and I will do my best to assist. 

As this channel is brand-new I’d be delighted if you could like and subscribe (if it resonates) so that these transmissions can reach near and far and help as many people as possible. 

Much Love, Emer ❤️🌹❤️

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