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12 week program

Angelic Healing

Rebirth: Course Outline

Rebirth is a 12 week soul expansion program for women who’ve done a lot of inner healing work, know that they’re called to lead and are ready to reclaim their soul wisdom so they can step into their calling. 

Together, we identify and liberate the blocks within women’s belief systems that still keep them ‘on the fence’, so they can follow inner guidance and find their own sense of authentic leadership. I think of this as their own personal mystery school for their soul’s wisdom. 

This journey is guided by Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, The Goddess Sarah, Mother Anna and Yeshua. I create a safe, loving and nurturing yet powerful container where women work through transformation on an individual level alongside 12 supportive sisters.

As part of our work healing together we: 

  • Take guided journeys with light language and meditations to release deep trauma and reprogram patterns at a cellular level. 

  • Use dance, movement mediations, and mudras to connect with our bodies.

  • Journal to connect with our inner voice. 

  • Master the art of holding space, sharing & listening with an open heart.

  • Heal our relationship with our Mothers, our Fathers, our inner Child, our Maiden, and our inner Crone (our wise women). 

  • Celebrate our wombs (whether present or not) as our portals of creativity and connection to ourselves and to the cosmic womb of all creation.

  • Perform a Magdalene Womb blessing for each woman, which I have channeled from many different lifetimes.

This work goes deep, and a level of personal commitment and bravery is needed for women to free themselves from limiting beliefs and past experiences. Each woman undergoes specific ‘birth rites’ — rites of passage to rebirth her soul’s wisdom into the world. By doing this work, she empowers herself to rewrite her own story and free herself from whatever has kept her feeling stuck or unworthy of love and happiness. She reclaims her freedom by finding her own truth and sovereignty.

Rebirth Course

Payment in full 444

Rebirth Course

3 Instalments of €155

Course overview


Theme 1

Back to our origin – Meeting our soul family & the key players in this incarnation. Releasing victimhood.


Theme 2

Waters of the Mother – Recognising and clearing programs from within our mothers womb & lineage


Theme 3

Furious Fun – Reconnecting with our inner child, with fun, with our innocence. Recognising patterns that developed in our formative years


Theme 4

Daisy Queen – The rite of passage from child to maiden. Making the energetic shift from childhood guided by Mother Mary


Theme 5

The 4 archetypes & phases that govern our Menstrual Cycle. How to work with these cycles


Theme 6

Our Teenage Years – Karma as our facilitator of self mastery, ending karmic cycles and self empowerment


Theme 7

Our Sexuality: Inner Union – Exploring the masculine & feminine structures


Theme 8

Forgiveness as a key to freedom – Connecting with our inner masculine & our relationship with the masculine in our lives


Theme 9

I am a Woman – Leaving behind the maiden phase & connecting with the energy of the Divine Mother. Rite of passage guided by Mary Magdalene


Theme 10

Falling in love with our voice – Activating our sacred voice. How to overcome speaking from a place of fear, trauma or projection. Sharing our authentic voice, our passion and our message from a heart centred & soul aligned space


Theme 11

The Age of Wisdom – Welcoming the energy of the crone/wise women into our lives. Aligning with the Cosmic Womb of infinite creativity & abundance


Theme 12

Rebirth – This is where we make a commitment to ourselves to leave behind the old making room for incredible expansion


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