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Avalon Magdalene Retreat

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Avalon Magdalene Retreat

Avalon Magdalene Retreat

What’s included?

🌹Three Full Days packed with Fun, Healing & Expansion!
🌹All entry fees to venues & places of Interest (with some private Access)
🌹Light Lunch & Refreshments

What you organise on your side:

💎Your own choice of accommodation to suit your needs & preference.
💎 Your transport to Glastonbury

Is this the right Retreat for me?

This gathering is open to Men & Women
🌹Who are ready to make profound changes in their lives
🌹Who are ready to step to the next level of their personal & spiritual development
🌹Who are ready to hold themselves accountable for the shifts that will occur as a result of our time together

My vision

I was often labelled ‘Emer the dreamer’ as a child because I dared to dream big! I learned how to navigate between realms & weave creations from a very early age.

Although sometimes misunderstood in my youth, my ‘daydreaming’ & tenacity have been an utter blessing & have assisted me in stepping fully into my service work. I’m incredibly passionate about & committed to guiding men & women back home into their hearts so that they can liberate themselves from perceived limitations.

Retreat Price

In Full €399

Avalon Magdalene Retreat

Avalon Magdalene Retreat