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1:1 Magdalene Womb Blessing

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1:1 Magdalene Womb Blessing

Magdalene Womb Blessing

Did you know that the womb is one of the most powerful energy centres in the female body?

So many of us are lacking in desire, feeling stagnant & lethargic. Our spark for life has diminished & our fears keep us stuck in a loop. Working with restoring the balance & clearing trauma in the womb can lead to:

– Balanced Hormones
– Better sleep
– More energy
– Stability in our emotions
– Less discomfort during menstruation

– More clarity in decision making
Balance in the throat chakra
– Increased creativity & passion
– Heightened sensuality

These womb blessings are incredibly powerful & many women feel physical contractions and movement in their womb throughout the session.

Helping women to deepen their connection to their wombs is one of my greatest gifts and roles on this planet. I am incredibly passionate about sharing these life changing Magdalene Womb Blessings with the world.

Are you ready to reawaken to the power of your womb?

Session 90 mins: €122 (US $137)